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Community Through Colors is dedicated to connecting people and communities through volunteerism, sustainability, and hope regardless of what geographical or cultural differences may exist. We are all here for the ride, we should make the most of it.


We operate primarily through funding and donations from supporters like you. Through your donation we can:

  • Provide hot meals, resilient electricity, and emergency aid to frontline coastal communities in the Caribbean
  • Enhance farm infrastructure, increase production, and support beginning farmers across Puerto Rico
  • Empower community expression and honor diverse cultures
  • Host workshops for community members covering sustainable agriculture and animal management


We also welcome material donations. Items in high demand include:

  • Solar panels, batteries, inverters, and racking equipment
  • Fencing material (barbed wire, electric fencing, chicken wire, mesh)
  • Food dehydrator and vacuum seal packaging
  • Cooler for produce

If you would like to donate to purchase a specific item, such as animal feed, solar panels, food goods, or equipment, or if you would like to contribute to a specific project or need, please send a specific request to our Contact Us Page.


Whether you are local to Vieques, Puerto Rico, or traveling from afar, volunteer opportunities are waiting for you. We can work with your interests and your schedule to develop a meaningful experience. Please complete the form BELOW and we’ll be in touch!

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