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On The Farm

On The Farm activities include working with livestock and crops, processing food scraps and byproducts, building healthy soils, preparing for market, and construction projects. We supply restuarants, produce markets, agroartisinal markets, individuals, and the community kitchen with weekly deliveries of fresh produce and options for locally sourced animal products. Production includes select varieties of leafy greens, including arugula, bok choy, and microgreens, as well as native fruits and vegetables including yuca, plantains, bananas, gandules, papaya, nopales, guanabana, mango, cashew, and more.

Despite an unexpectedly lengthy drought period last year, we were fortunate enough to extend our growing season by several months thanks to the efforts of our team to install irrigation lines and shade structures. We were also fortunate enough to expand our livestock program to include cows, large hogs, laying hens and ducks, and geese while growing our existing herds of sheep, goats, and rabbits. Our increased capacity has allowed us to support nearly 200 producers in Vieques with seeds, starts, tools, workshops, and livestock.

We make sure to incorporate sustainable practices into our routine, propagating seeds from high yield varieties, following EPA guidelines on circular economy and food waste reduction. Food scraps from the farm and from restaurants are fed to the chickens and pigs; grasses and weeds are fed to the sheep, goats, and cows; manure is incorporated into nutrient rich compost and fertile soil. We are working hard to achieve USDA organic certification in our fields, which means we do not use pesticides or synthetic inputs. All of our produce is grown and harvested with health, nutrition, and sustainability as our top priorities.

La Finca de Hamberto farm also serves as a processing hub, converting hundreds of pounds of discarded food into value-added products and shelf-stable food stuffs. Not only does this process reduce food waste, but it also improves the resiliency of the island food supply and reduces reliance on external resources such as electricity. For an island which experiences seasonal abundance, capacity to process and preserve food may be life saving.

Our program hosts volunteers and interns throughout the year, offering the opportunity to work alongside our team and immerse themselves in the theoretical, administrative, and practical components of farming. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and willing to learn. Whether you enjoy playing in the dirt, nurturing seedlings, working with animals, building new pens, feeding the pollinators, processing food, or simply learning about life, there are options for you here! If you are interested, be sure to contact us for more information about how you can join us.

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