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Sail Relief Team

Founded in 2017 to aid in recovery efforts throughout the Caribbean following the devastating Atlantic hurricane season, the mission of Sail Relief Team is to assist in emergency preparedness and disaster relief efforts in remote and underserved coastal communities to adress three core needs - Relief, Recovery, and Resiliency - to preserve life and support communities. We operate primarily through grants, donations, and volunteer work. Each SRT mission is planned to minimize additional burden on both the environment and on impacted communities. With the help of our partners, SRT deploys responders and aid supplies via unused cargo space or carbon neutral transportation methods, including sail boats.


Our missions have historically included both immediate response in the days and weeks following a disaster and long term recovery over the course of months to years. Although the effects may be most visible in the first few months - blackouts, flooding, fallen trees - historically disadvantaged and underserved communities often experience prolonged life changes that may include social reorganization, economic barriers, and more frequent infrastructure failures. SRT is dedicated to providing continued community support for last-mile and "forgotten" communities.



SRT has designed, deployed, maintained, serviced, and advised on over 2MW solar and battery systems in Puerto Rico, Haiti, AntiguaAbacos, St. Croix, and the United States since its formation. From innovative solar trailers to rooftop upgrades to reliable solar kits, SRT systems provide power to schools, communications towers, community centers and historical buildings, water pumps, senior centers and cancer centers, emergency response services, medically energy-dependant individuals, and more. Learn more about our past and current projects and how you can support our work!


Our History

Category 5 Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico in September 2017, causing an island-wide blackout, flooding roads and homes, and destroying infrastructure and wildlife. For over a year, Vieques was left disconnected from the main power grid and relied on the importation of thousands of gallons of diesel a day to power critical operations. Sail Relief Team was founded as a disaster response effort, raising emergency funds and collaborating with volunteers and other nonprofits to identify and provide immediate needs. Our efforts included search and rescue, first aid, communication, and clean drinking water. We used sailing vessels to operate in devastated communities in a self-sufficient manner, contributing resources to affected communities instead of placing additional burden on already overwhelmed infrastructure.


2024 Projects!

Hydrogen demonstration project in Vieques, Puerto Rico - transition the SRT resiliency center off grid with solar and hydrogen while engaging the community in the potential for renewable energy
Solar and backup for community radio station to serve Puerto Rico - empower the community and provide critical health and safety updates
Agrovoltaics and cold storage facilities at La Finca de Hamberto - build a sustainable food supply while reducing waste and improving nutritional content
Community microgrids in Vieques, Puerto Rico - provide resilient power for rural, underserved, and medically vulnerable communities
Interactive art piece, Puerto Rican culture - celebrate Puerto Rican culture and history through interactive art and artist expression

Interested in supporting our efforts?

Join us as a volunteer or help us acquire the following resources:

  • Warehouse storage
  • Medical equipment
  • Cold storage equipment
  • Solar equipment (rooftop and ground-mount)
  • Batteries

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