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Our impact is greater when we work together. We collaborate with local and international aid organizations, academic institutions, government agencies, and individuals to support and empower communities.

Communities Served: Our work prioritizes rural, remote, and historically underserved coastal communities throughout the Caribbean. These frontline communities often feel the most severe effects of climate change, environmental disasters, systemic disadvantages, resource shortages, and logistical challenges. In the past seven years, we have helped communities in Abacos, Antigua and Barbuda, the Dominica, Haiti, St. Croix, the United States, and Puerto Rico recover from hurricanes, eathquakes, and droughts and prepare for a resilient future. Our work is shaped by community needs. Our team has experience distributing medical supplies and installing mobile solar trailers for immediate relief, designing accessible workshops for renewable energy and sustainable agriculture, installing and maintaining permanent renewable energy systems, advocating for equitable distribution of federal funds and opportunities, building a sustainable food supply, and supporting development of community infrastructure and communications equipment.


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