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La Finca de Hamberto Farm and Agricultural Hub

La Finca de Hamberto is a community farm project which currently supplies over 10 restaurants and markets with weekly deliveries of fresh produce, hosts internships and educational workshops on sustainable farming and animal management, and supports beginning farmers with tools, seeds, plants, livestock, and more.

Learn more about our efforts to feed the community, meet our new arrivals, and explore opportunities to support us!






Community Art and Cultural Expression

Community Through Colors believes community recovery and resilience is greater than rebuilding infrastructure. The freedom to express oneself, to create and share art, and to honor the world around us is what makes us human. CTC supports the work and creativity of artists worldwide, with a focus on Puerto Rican artists who incorporate culturally significant themes into their work.

Discover the history behind ATABEY, a powerful solar-powered sculpture honoring the ancestral spirit of water in Taino culture.




Sail Relief Team

Sail Relief Team is an emergency response project working to distribute disaster relief and preparedness supplies to remote, isolated, and under-served coastal communities. SRT utilizes sail boats and unused cargo space to transport shipments to minimize environmental and community burden.

Learn more about previous missions and how you can help ensure the success of current relief efforts!




Volunteer work with Community Through Colors is based in Vieques, Puerto Rico. From renovating hurricane-damaged homes to improving the sanitation of living conditions to beach cleanups, join our efforts to give back to the community of Vieques! Once the work is done, explore the beautiful beaches, visit the Ceiba tree, tour the brightest bioluminescent bay, and experience the unique culture of Vieques.

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